How to take care of your Jewellery

Tips to jewellery care

When it comes to jewellery, we want to treasure it for years to come. And it’s not just because we invested money in it, it is because we get emotionally attached to it. Whether it’s the engagement ring or the necklace from the first wedding anniversary, every piece of jewellery has a special place in our heart.

But as we watch our traditional jewellery turn into vintage, it is also important to take care of the jewellery pieces to make sure they never have a dull moment.

We are sure you must have heard about several techniques from your aunts or friends to clean your jewellery at home, but is it really the right technique?

Different types of jewellery need to be handled differently and each one needs to be taken care of in a different way.

Things to take care of while wearing jewellery

 Always put it on at the end

While getting ready to go out, put on your jewellery after you have applied makeup and perfume. This is because the chemicals in these things can damage your jewellery in the long run.

Take it off before contact with water

If you are going for a bath or for swimming, then always remember to take off your jewellery beforehand. Even if you are going to wash your hands and you have rings on, take them off and only put it on again after drying your hands. Also make sure you are not sweating too much when you are wearing jewellery. This is because the moisture from water can damage your jewellery.

Things to take care of while storing jewellery


Jewellery Boxes should have a soft interior

Jewellery caring tipsWhile the jewellery box should be hard from the outside to make sure it can withstand any kind of external pressure, the inside of the box should be soft to maintain the lustre of the jewellery pieces and protect them as well. Also, make sure your jewellery box has compartments to store all kinds of jewellery. If not, you can use paper tissues or cottons to separate them out.

Jewellery caring tips

 Use zip lock bags

Instead of storing jewellery directly into jewellery boxes, put them into zip lock bags first to take out any humidity that might tamper the pieces. Before you put them in, make sure zip locks are free from any moisture.

 Store each type of jewellery individually

Storing different types of jewellery together will only give rise to more tangles. And the chances of scratches and damages will also increase. You could use organization boxes to store them separately or if you are low on space, you could just zip lock jewellery pieces separately and then store them together.

store jewellery in soft boxes

Extra care while storing pearls

Pearls can get scratched pretty quickly, that is why extra care should be taken while storing pearls by using extremely soft jewellery boxes.

jewellery caring tips

 Keep jewellery away from heat

Ideally, jewellery should be stored at room temperature. Excessive exposure to sunlight or heat can cause jewellery pieces to change their shape or some of the gems can also change their colour over time.

We would suggest wearing the jewellery when you have reached the destination, this will avoid any damage that could occur on the way

Cleaning jewellery

Jewellery can lose its shine over time that is why, it’s important to clean it on regular intervals. On a weekly basis, you can use a damp cloth to clean them. Or you could use a soft brush to clean the piece.

Your turn

Now that you know all the amazing tricks to take care of your jewellery, it’s time to care for your diamonds and pearls like the way they deserve.

If you have old jewellery which is special to you, which has lost its shine or has been damaged, then we can help you restore it. Shoot us an email at with pictures and we will send you an affordable quote to restore its lost shine if possible.

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