About us



Who are we?

At Orniza, our goal is to showcase unique handcrafted jewellery by finest Indian artists.

We are one stop shop for buying traditional and antique-imitation Jewellery for Indian Weddings and all your special occasions.


“I HAVE ENOUGH JEWELLERY “- said by no women ever!


Why Orniza?


    1. Unique hand-crafted jewelry from the pioneers
  2. When every design on our site is sourced from the Indian best craftsmen, you will soon find yourself amazed! Renowned ethnic jewelry designed in Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai- the places where the art of jewelry was refined.


  3. 2. Curated by expert designers

You never have to worry about looking less than fabulous once you are here because our team of skilled fashion designers picks the most elegant products and collections.


3. Huge catalogue of premium products

With a collection of 7000+ products, the decision to choose just one is going to be a difficult one.


4. Customization service for your wedding/special occasions

We do customization of our jewellery as per your needs to match your costume. If you like any jewellery on Orniza.com and need to match your outfit? Just know about our customised jewellery options here Orniza's customised jewellery


5. Limited pieces manufactured

Don't fit in. Stand out. With only a few pieces of each design ever made, we ensure you look one in a million!


6. Free shipping and friendly returns

Go ahead and look fabulous, we take care of the rest. Easy returns and hassle-free delivery, free of cost!


At Orniza, we know about your love affair with jewellery so whenever you visit us we make sure you see the best designs!